Episode 6447

About this programme

Chas and Jimmy chase a hooded figure and are stunned when they catch up and discover the identity of her stalker. Bob feels a pang of jealousy as Dan and Brenda kiss, Belle is wracked with guilt when Gemma catches her with Luke, while Katie pushes Declan to admit her infertility is going to cause problems for their marriage - unaware Megan has overheard the conversation.

Cast and crew


Chas Spencer
Lucy Pargeter
Jimmy King
Nick Miles
Bob Hope
Tony Audenshaw
Dan Spencer
Liam Fox
Brenda Walker
Lesley Dunlop
Belle Dingle
Eden Taylor-Draper
Gemma Andrews
Tendai Rinomhota
Luke Salter
Daniel Pearson
Katie Macey
Sammy Winward
Declan Macey
Jason Merrells
Megan Macey
Gaynor Faye


Piotr Szkopiak
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Stuart Blackburn
Andrew Kirk

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