Silent Witness

Series 16 - 1. Change - Part One

Change - Part One
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

The perennially doomy dice-and-slice potboiler begins with a typical spurt of Silent Witness craziness; a baffling pre-titles sequence that is little more than a confetti of clips.

Then we tumble into a very slow, noirish episode (has someone been influenced by The Killing?), full of darkness and shadows, as men in suits meet in rooms and everyone goes all moody and quiet.

Even the Lyell Centre feels a bit empty, now that Handsome Harry has gone (to Death in Paradise on Tuesday), leaving Nikki and Leo as the only forensic pathologists in the whole wide world. Or so it seems.

But there is hope on the horizon as a no-nonsense pathologist called Jack (David Caves), an amateur boxer who has no truck with authority, bursts into a crime scene where a man is found dead – apparently of a heart attack – in a hotel bedroom. Concludes tomorrow.

About this programme

1/10. An ageing confectionery company owner is found dead in his London hotel suite, and while Nikki tries to convince the sceptical DS Gold he was murdered, several businessmen begin to circle as it turns out the dead man was losing a desperate fight to prevent the sale of his company to investors. Crime drama, starring Emilia Fox, William Gaminara and David Caves, with guest appearances by Tim Pigott-Smith, Sharon Small and Priyanga Burford.

Cast and crew


Dr Nikki Alexander
Emilia Fox
Prof Leo Dalton
William Gaminara
Jack Hodgson
David Caves
Geraldine Briggs
Sharon Small
John Briggs
Tim Pigott-Smith
Kenny Barber
Louis Emerick
Annette Kelly
Anna Madeley
Michael Trenter
Derek Riddell
Deanna Collier
Anna Brewster
Peter Hornsby
Christopher Hunter
Emmette Schwartzman
Erik Madsen
Phillip Briggs
Rob Dixon
DS Seetha Gold
Priyanga Burford
DC Gus Cook
Robert Lonsdale
Civil servant
William Findley
Hotel manager
John Jack


Anthony Byrne
Sharon Bloom
Timothy Prager