Time Team

Series 20 - 3. A Capital Hill

A Capital Hill
Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Sturgess

Unexplored sites are the real thrillers of Time Team, but they do make the limitations of the three-day timeslot very obvious. The Iron Age Ely hillfort, identifiable by half a mile of ramparts and ditches, stands above a Cardiff housing estate. The spot has obvious strategic possibilities, and its large scale suggests it was a place of great significance.

The team reckons the five acres of hilltop could have accommodated thousands, some of them very high-powered people. But where did they live? Real evidence of housing here proves elusive. But a rare and unusually complete find helps the team to date this extraordinary site.

About this programme

3/13. Tony Robinson and the team investigate an Iron Age hill fort in Cardiff that dominates a city housing estate, and explore whether the site could be the long-lost ancient capital of south Wales. With five acres of ground and half a mile of ramparts and ditches to examine, time is not on their side, but, helped by the local community, finds such as the remains of jewellery and drinking vessels help paint a vivid picture of domestic life around 800BC.

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Caroline Allwood
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