Antiques Roadshow

Series 35 - 14. Cawdor Castle 1

Cawdor Castle 1
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Jane Rackham

The Roadshow is in Cawdor Castle in Inverness, a place with literary connections to Macbeth. No Shakespearean objects are brought in, but there’s a remarkable range of items, one of which gets a valuation that leaves the owner open-mouthed and elicits a sharp intake of breath from the crowd.

Among the other treasures are a pair of Rennie Mackintosh dining chairs, a locally made drinking bowl, an umbrella stand and the drawings taken by a hairdresser in the 1960s in payment for his scissor skills.

And there’s a wonderful moment when the owner of a 19th-century German doll reveals to Bunny Campione what she paid for it.

About this programme

14/25. Fiona Bruce and the team travel to Cawdor Castle near Inverness, where members of the public bring along their treasured antiques and collectibles. Objects under scrutiny include original artwork given in payment for hairdressers' bills, the best bargain-buy dolls ever seen on the show and an early 18th-century travelling chest that may have once been owned by Queen Anne.

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