Animal Antics

Series 1 - Episode 2

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Until the last syllable of recorded time, there will ALWAYS be something funny about watching camcorder footage of people falling off garden trampolines. There’s one at the end of this Animal Antics that doesn’t involve an animal, and it’s a piece of pure visual and hubristic poetry.

Elsewhere in a daft pretend news bulletin presented by “anchor” Tim Brooke-Taylor and Sparky the dog (comedian Matthew Crosby) you
can rejoice in a baton-twirling bear, dogs sitting like humans on sofas, a dancing poodle and, best of all, a man being attacked by a very angry and persistent goose. Oh, and there’s a lot of film of cats doing silly things.

About this programme

2/6. Funny animal clips presented as news stories, from criminal cats to piano-playing pugs. Presented by Tim Brooke-Taylor and his dog Sparky, played by comedian Matthew Crosby.

Cast and crew


Tim Brooke-Taylor
Matthew Crosby


Executive Producer
Leon Wilson
Series Producer
Ed Thomas