Inside Health

Episode 1

Inside Health
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Chris Gardner

A regular on Good Morning with Anne and Nick, dishy Dr Mark Porter was for me the only reason to watch. That reassuring velvety voice was specifically designed to demystify medical issues in a calm and intelligent way, so hurrah for a new series of Inside Health.

Tonight he examines a potentially controversial new scheme: anyone who’s admitted to hospital over the age of 75 will be tested for Alzheimer’s. With both my octogenarian parents recently in hospital I would have baulked at the very idea — and they too. It could well lead to overdiagnosis.

Or will it get people treated earlier? Tune in to find out what Porter thinks.

About this programme

Mark Porter explores a new scheme to test everyone over 75 who is admitted to hospital for signs of dementia, investigating ideas that although the policy will allow for earlier treatment, the condition could be over-diagnosed.

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