Series 14 - 159. Brother's Keeper - Part One

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

In this two-part story, a man’s life is turned upside down when his brother comes home after spending three years in prison. Jay is excited to see his brother Carl, but girlfriend Lindsey is not so pleased. She’s more concerned about Jay’s worsening colitis, while Carl only seems to care about a diamond necklace he left for safe keeping in their house. This story concludes tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Emma and Chris return to work and explain that the outlook is not good for Sam since his stroke. When Karen tries to be upbeat, Emma merely snaps at her.

About this programme

159/221. Part one of two. Heston tries to help a man whose life is changed when his brother returns from prison. Meanwhile, Kevin struggles to adjust to having a new family, while Emma and Chris face an emotional return to work following Sam's stroke. Medical drama, starring Owen Brenman and Simon Rivers.

Cast and crew


Dr Heston Carter
Owen Brenman
Dr Emma Reid
Dido Miles
Dr Kevin Tyler
Simon Rivers
Mandy Marquez
Danielle Henry
Chris Reid
Nathan Wright
Howard Bellamy
Ian Kelsey
Karen Hollins
Jan Pearson
Nadia Ahmed
Hema Mangoo
Zarif Khan
Asif Khan
Jay Scagell
Philip Hill-Pearson
Carl Scagell
Anthony Quinlan
Lindsay Holt
Joanna Higson
Vikram Desae
Kammy Darweish


Jonathan Phillips
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd
Dale Overton