The Food Inspectors

Series 2 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

“Are you a potential poisoner?” Chris Hollins demands of us dramatically, as he takes a break from following the work of food safety officers in shops and restaurants to show us how our own kitchens harbour deadly bacteria.

So be afraid of unwashed carrots and fear all dishcloths and wash the lid of a can of tomatoes before you use it. Hang on – really? Can we be bothered? There’s a touch of overkill in the programme. One café owner is appalled when the man in the suit tells him he can’t sell coleslaw because he hasn’t had his veg mechanically cleansed. But there’s also interesting stuff about animal rustling and a Chinese restaurant’s pet rabbit. Plus puns about “grime scenes”.

About this programme

1/4. New series. Matt Allwright and Chris Hollins return to follow the work of more food inspectors as they protect the public from unhygienic restaurants and potentially harmful foodstuffs. A Chinese takeaway in Enfield, London, is shut down temporarily after mouse droppings and urine are discovered on the premises, while Chris finds out how much bacteria is lurking in the kitchen of a Lincolnshire fire station and also meets a Lancashire man who became seriously ill after eating undercooked pork. Matt investigates animal rustling and the effects these countryside crimes could have on the catering industry.

Cast and crew


Matt Allwright
Chris Hollins


Executive Producer
David Emerson
Series Producer
Simon Phillips