Primeval: New World

Series 1 - 1. The New World

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

Those missing the pests-and-portals drama Primeval – still on ice after a fifth series aired on Watch in May 2011 – should enjoy its Canadian cousin. But be warned, this gorier spin-off (Jurassic Park meets CSI) is aimed at an older audience.

This first episode establishes the same format: motley crew investigates time gateways and the creatures that emerge from them. But will UK audiences take to an overseas variant? Well, helping us through the transition is Andrew-Lee Potts, who played Primeval’s cutie-nerd Connor Temple – who pops up to give Vancouver’s anomaly novices a stern warning.

About this programme

1/13. First episode of the sci-fi spin-off, following a Canadian team investigating dinosaurs appearing in the present day. Andrew-Lee Potts from the original UK show guest stars.

Cast and crew


Evan Cross
Niall Matter
Connor Temple
Andrew-Lee Potts