Mr Selfridge

Series 1 - Episode 1

Mr Selfridge
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Alison Graham

Can the world handle two TV dramas based on the birth of the British department store? BBC1 had The Paradise, where a charismatic, visionary man set up a shop that revolutionised retail, while Mr Selfridge has a charismatic, visionary man… oh dear.

There are many entirely coincidental similarities, and not just in the lead male characters. Both have a bright and plucky female shop assistant with ideas and ambition, and both have an icy female ladies’ department boss who rules with a rod of iron.

It makes little difference that Mr Selfridge is based on a real man, Harry Gordon Selfridge, who set up the eponymous shop on Oxford Street. He’s played by American actor Jeremy Piven who makes huge expansive gestures (he opens his arms wide a lot while grinning broadly). But Katherine Kelly adds a touch of class as his financial saviour.

About this programme

1/10. Andrew Davies' drama based on the life of American retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and Katherine Kelly (formerly Coronation Street's Becky McDonald). Harry arrives in London in 1908 with a grand plan - to open the biggest and finest department store in the world, and to do it within the year. With a frosty reception from the British press, the last-minute departure of a business partner and an ever-growing staff already on the payroll, not to mention his wife and family arriving from the US, the pressure is on for Harry to complete the project on time. As opening day approaches, he pulls out all the stops to achieve his dream - whatever the cost. With Frances O'Connor, Trystan Gravelle, Aisling Loftus and Tom Goodman-Hill.

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Harry Selfridge
Jeremy Piven
Rose Selfridge
Frances O'Connor
Lady Mae
Katherine Kelly
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Zoe Tapper
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Gregory Fitoussi
Aisling Loftus
Trystan Gravelle
Mr Grove
Tom Goodman-Hill
Miss Mardle
Amanda Abbington
Mr Crabb
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Lois Selfridge
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Miss Bunting
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Amy Beth Hayes
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Calum Callaghan
Miss Blenkinsop
Deborah Cornelius
Mr Perez
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Will Payne
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Malcolm Rennie
Rosalie Selfridge
Poppy Lee Friar
Violette Selfridge
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Gordon Selfridge
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Beatrice Selfridge
Raffey Cassidy
Rebecca Tanwen
Ross Armstrong
Mrs Payne
Kim Barry
Sophie May Wake
Nicola Millbank
Shaughan Seymour


Jon Jones
Executive Producer
Kate Lewis
Executive Producer
Andrew Davies
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton
Chrissy Skinns
Jeremy Piven
Carmel Maloney
Andrew Davies