Antiques Roadshow

Series 35 - 13. Stowe House 1

Stowe House 1
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Jane Rackham

Stowe School in Buckinghamshire is the very grand setting for this week’s show where even the current head teacher gets in on the act by bringing a fabulous collection of Beatles memorabilia for Paul Atterbury to examine.

The Fab Four famously played at the school in April 1963, performing She Loves You for the first time in public, after one of the pupils wrote to Brian Epstein.

Among the other treasured objects are two engraved glasses that receive a surprise valuation and a 1930s stool designed by Sir Francis Bacon that underwhelms Fiona Bruce but leaves Steven Moore almost speechless with joy at seeing an object of such great artistic importance.

About this programme

13/25. Fiona Bruce and the team travel to Stowe House in Buckinghamshire, where members of the public bring along their treasured antiques and collectibles to hear their stories and find out their worth. Items include a 16th-century print and evidence of one of the earliest Beatles concerts. There is also a big surprise for one of the team as he is shown a rare piece of furniture made by an important artist.

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