Series 27 - 17. Rabbits in Headlights

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

A coach crash involving 30 teenagers and their teachers means the four student nurses who arrive for the first day of work placement in the ED have to embark on the steepest learning curve imaginable. In one shift they learn about patient confidentiality, death, bereaved relatives and organ donation as well as mopping up bucketloads of blood and vomit, while trying not to put their foot in it.

Seeing the work of the ED through the eyes of the novices works incredibly well while the newcomers do a good job of portraying their characters’ naivety without smothering their personalities.

About this programme

17/44. Student nurses Ally, Aoife, Jamie and Robyn arrive for their first day at the ED, but no sooner have they walked through the door than news comes in that 30 children and their teachers have been involved in a coach crash on the Holby ring road. There is just enough time to partner them with their mentors - Charlie, Linda, Fletch and Lloyd - before they are thrown in at the deep end, helping to treat the constant influx of accident victims. Can they remember their training and keep a level head?

Cast and crew


Ally Hunter
Rebecca Newman
Robyn Miller
Amanda Henderson
Jamie Collier
Daniel Anthony
Aoife O'Reilly
Gemma-Leah Devereux
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Lloyd Asike
Michael Obiora
Adrian `Fletch' Fletcher
Alex Walkinshaw
Linda Andrews
Christine Tremarco
Jeff Collier
Matt Bardock
Zoe Hanna
Sunetra Sarker
Kathleen `Dixie' Dixon
Jane Hazlegrove
Sam Nicholls
Charlotte Salt
Tom Kent
Oliver Coleman
Louise Tyler
Azuka Oforka
Noel Garcia
Tony Marshall
Big Mac
Charles Dale
Steven Green
Gordon Kennedy
Vicky Heaton
Deborah Moore
Daniel Heaton
Oscar Dunbar
Carrie Malin
Jenna Boyd
Lucy Amson
Lesley Anne Webb
Joe (Joseph) Cunningham
Joshua Hayes
Holly Watson
Emily Haigh
Amy Amson
Frankie Mae Taylor
Mrs Morris
Patricia Leventon
Ella Amson
Baely Saunders
Reece's dad
David Lyndon
Ellie Malin
Jenny Davies


Jon Sen
Executive Producer
Johnathan Young
Series Producer
Nikki Wilson
Sasha Hails