Series 2 - 1. Destiny

Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

Set in the Hamptons, the seaside resort where wealthy New Yorkers spend their summer vacation, Revenge is awash with impossibly beautiful, impossibly duplicitous folk.

Having spent the first series avenging her murdered father, our heroine, Emily, has a new mission: discovering whether her mother really is six feet under as she’s always been told. Sadly, her archenemy – the local matriarch with the fabulous trout pout – is no longer around as her husband had her blown up at the end of series one. Or did he?

About this programme

1/22. Emily returns to the Hamptons after a trip to Japan, and searches for answers about her mother at a hospital's psychiatric ward that has long been closed down. Meanwhile, Ashley has become Daniel's new love interest, and after spending 60 days at an addiction recovery centre, Charlotte is determined to gain outpatient privileges. Drama, with Emily VanCamp and guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Cast and crew


Emily Thorne
Emily VanCamp
Nolan Ross
Gabriel Mann
Ashley Davenport
Ashley Madekwe
Conrad Grayson
Henry Czerny
Kara Wallace Clarke
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jack Porter
Nick Wechsler
Daniel Grayson
Joshua Bowman
Amanda Clarke
Margarita Levieva
Charlotte Grayson
Christa B Allen
Declan Porter
Connor Paolo


Kenneth Fink