Blue Bloods

Series 3 - 4. Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

About this programme

4/23. Danny and Jackie set out to investigate the murder of a bride on her wedding day in a drive-by shooting. However, they are quickly pulled off the case and assigned to the protection detail of unpopular foreign president Rafael Valverde, who is in town for a kidney operation. Elsewhere, Jamie questions his new partner's methods when he performs an unjustifiable stop-and-search on a teenager. Guest starring Tony Plana (Ugly Betty).

Cast and crew


Danny Reagan
Donnie Wahlberg
Erin Reagan-Boyle
Bridget Moynahan
Jamie Reagan
Will Estes
Henry Reagan
Len Cariou
Frank Reagan
Tom Selleck
Jackie Curatola
Jennifer Esposito
Linda Reagan
Amy Carlson
Nicky Reagan-Boyle
Sami Gayle
Anthony Renzulli
Nicholas Turturro
Garrett Moore
Gregory Jbara
Sgt Gormley
Robert Clohessy
President Rafael Valverde
Tony Plana


Peter Werner