Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 11

Waterloo Road
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Some kids get lumbered with truly, ahem, unusual names. Alongside the Rhiannons, Libertys, Lulas and Harleys at Waterloo Road are three troublesome siblings who are attending the school’s Pupil Referral Unit for under-achieving students: there’s Dynasty Barry, Kacey Barry and – get this – Barry Barry. “Has your mum got a stutter or some’at?” he gets taunted.

Not that anyone would dare tease his fierce mother (Zoe Lucker). This term the scriptwriters have made the pupils not so much unruly as verging on the criminal. But as the staffroom includes a head who has been arrested for hastening the death of his terminally ill father and an alcoholic teacher whose actions resulted in a pupil being burned, they’ve not got the greatest examples to follow.

About this programme

11/30. The classroom drama returns for a new term after a 10-week break. Waterloo Road's new pupil referral unit plunges the school headlong into problems with the arrival of Carol Barry (played by EastEnders' Zoe Lucker) and her troublesome family - and sparks fly when her son's affair with another pupil's mother comes to light. Meanwhile, Scout inadvertently starts a feud with returning teacher Nikki Boston, while Imogen worries that Christine is trying to keep her apart from Connor. Heather Peace, Laurie Brett, Alec Newman and Daniela Denby-Ashe co-star.

Cast and crew


Jack MacAlister
Taylor Rhys
Barry Barry
Carl Au
Carol Barry
Zoe Lucker
Dynasty Barry
Abby Mavers
Kacey Barry
Brogan Ellis
Nikki Boston
Heather Peace
Tom Clarkson
Jason Done
Michael Byrne
Alec Newman
Lorraine Donnegan
Daniela Denby-Ashe
Sian Diamond
Jaye Jacobs
Jodie `Scout' Allen
Katie McGlynn
Phoenix Taylor
Kaya Moore
Imogen Stewart
Kirstie Steele
Christine Mulgrew
Laurie Brett
Connor Mulgrew
Shane O'Meara
Daniel Chalk
Mark Benton
Kevin Skelton
Tommy-Lawrence Knight
Rhiannon Salt
Rebecca Craven
Grantly Budgen
Philip Martin Brown
Audrey McFall
Georgie Glen
Harley Taylor
Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Liberty Gordon
Adiza Shardow
Maggie Budgen
Melanie Hill
Sonya Donnegan
Victoria Bush
Olivia MacAlister
Pollyanna McIntosh


Steve Brett
Nicola Larder
Viv Adam