Coronation Street

Episode 8031

About this programme

Chesney returns from holiday to find Fiz in hospital and confronts Tyrone, wanting to know if he tried to fix the boiler. Will he be forced to lie in front of Kirsty? Lewis moves in for a kiss as he and Gail enjoy a glass of wine, then makes a phone call to reveal his plan is working. Mary holds a Mexican night at the Bistro, Carla takes Michelle to task over her part in Rob's scam and Kevin apologises to Sophie for his behaviour toward Jenna.

Cast and crew


Chesney Brown
Sam Aston
Fiz Stape
Jennie McAlpine
Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall
Kirsty Soames
Natalie Gumede
Lewis Archer
Nigel Havers
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth
Mary Taylor
Patti Clare
Carla Connor
Alison King
Michelle Connor
Kym Lomas
Rob Donovan
Marc Baylis
Kevin Webster
Michael Le Vell
Sophie Webster
Brooke Vincent
Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn


David Kester
Phil Collinson
Damon Rochefort