Wild at Heart

Series 7 - 10. Finale

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

After seven series, the wildlife drama set in South Africa has been put out to grass. But not before vet Danny Trevanion gets one more chance to gaze into the middle distance with a worried look on his face that could mean he’s spotted a hyperventilating giraffe. Or that he’s swallowed the hyena’s worming tablets by mistake.

In this two-hour finale poachers have stolen the family’s three-legged cheetah and his mate, prompting Du Plessis to hatch a rescue plan.
He persuades Rosie’s fiancé Dylan, a boy nobody but her likes, to fly down to Zimbabwe to rescue the cheetahs and thus get into Danny’s good books. The plan goes wrong, obviously. Also what Dup hasn’t told anyone is that he’s just discovered he has a potentially fatal heart condition and needs bed rest rather than adventure. Nick Borraine, Danny Keogh, Colin Moss, an elephant and a lioness all guest-star.

About this programme

10/10. Feature-length finale of the African-set wildlife drama. It's New Year's Eve and Alice has returned to Leopard's Den, but the stress of combining work with caring for a baby is causing tension between her and Danny. They then receive devastating news - two cheetahs have been taken by poachers. With only days until the wedding of Rosie and Dylan - who isn't endearing himself to anybody - tempers are already running high when Du Plessis finds out his heart is weak. Realising he must use his remaining time to help the family, he persuades pilot Dylan to fly them all to Zimbabwe to rescue the stolen animals in the hope that the trip will convince Danny his future son-in-law is worthy. Stephen Tompkinson, Dawn Steele, Lucy-Jo Hudson and Hayley Mills star. Last in the series.

Cast and crew


Danny Trevanion
Stephen Tompkinson
Alice Trevanion
Dawn Steele
Lucy-Jo Hudson
Hayley Mills
Olivia Scott-Taylor
Anders Du Plessis
Deon Stewardson
Thapelo Mokoena
Nomsa Xaba
Tarryn Faye Brummage
Nick Boraine
Liam Weatherall
Colin Moss
Piet Stillman
Danny Keogh
Dr Macmillan
Moshidi Motshegwa
Thato Molamu
Joe Mafela


Nick Laughland
Executive Producer
Charles Pattinson
Executive Producer
George Faber
Executive Producer
Claire Ingham
Executive Producer
Ashley Pharoah
Adam Friedlander
Series Producer
Charlie Hampton
Series Producer
Serena Bowman
Chris Murray
Ashley Pharoah