Climbed Every Mountain - The Story Behind The Sound of Music

Radio Times
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Alison Graham

Sue Perkins dons a dirndl to run, arms outstretched, up an Austrian hillside at the start of a charming and funny look at the von Trapps, the real family behind The Sound of Music.

It’s is a must-see for everyone who has ever been entranced by the most popular film musical of all time and its mix of sturdy nuns, cute moppets and Nazis. Perkins, a huge fan of the film, heads to Salzburg where she examines the city’s uneasy relationship with The Sound of Music, before arriving in Vermont to meet the real von Trapps at their huge Austrian-style chalet. Theirs is a poignant story of fallings-out and feuds, and we learn that Maria von Trapp wasn’t the trilling, wimpled softy of popular imagination.

About this programme

Sue Perkins travels to Salzburg, Ellis Island and Vermont to discover the true story behind the real Von Trapp family, who were portrayed in the Sound of Music 50 years ago.

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Sue Perkins


Christopher Walker
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