Loving Miss Hatto

Loving Miss Hatto
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

There is so much to love about Victoria Wood’s version of the Joyce Hatto classical CD scandal: the writing, of course, which is peppered with glorious Wood-isms, and the peerless Alfred Molina as Hatto’s adoring husband, Barry.

Loving Miss Hatto is a story of devotion and tenderness between, when we first see them, young Joyce (Maimie McCoy), a hard-working concert pianist, and Barry (Rory Kinnear), a charmer and well-meaning wide boy who gets into “muddles”, one of which even leads to a spell in prison. After a disastrous Royal Festival Hall appearance, we leap to 2002 when older Joyce (Francesca Annis) and Barry live a quiet suburban life of natural history documentaries, macaroni cheese and nice cakes as special treats.

But Barry changes their lives dramatically with a wheeze that gets Joyce the worldwide recognition they both think she has always deserved. And it’s incredible.

About this programme

Drama about classical pianist Joyce Hatto, written by Victoria Wood. The story begins in early-1950s London, when she met her future husband William Barrington-Coupe, and traces their love story through the next 50 years. With his wife stricken by cancer, record producer William released other musicians' work under her name, actions which resulted in one of the biggest music frauds ever. Francesca Annis and Alfred Molina star.

Cast and crew


Alfred Molina
Francesca Annis
Young Barrie
Rory Kinnear
Young Joyce
Maimie McCoy
Mrs Hatto
Phoebe Nicholls
Mr Hatto
Tony Turner
Sarah Woodward
Eve Matheson
Young Birdy
Nell Williams
Young Pilks
Zenobia Voegele-Downing
Ned Dennehy
Nicholas Woodeson
Nicholas Rowe
Patrick Joseph Byrnes
Miss Guisely
Jane Brennan
Young Erich
Stephen Cromwell
Rehearsal conductor
Michael Grennell
Coffee bar man
Ronnie McCann
Cortot's assistant
Lucy Miller
Publishing girl
Susan Loughnane
Chris McHallem
Mark Fitzgerald
Festival Hall FHM
Gary Murphy
Eleanor's mother
Cora Fenton
Royston neighbour
Bernadette McKenna
Woman journalist
Fiona Bell


Aisling Walsh
Executive Producer
Andy Harries
Radford Neville
Victoria Wood