Mrs Brown's Boys

The Virgin Mammy

About this programme

Having cast herself in the role of the Virgin Mary and with rehearsals in full swing, Agnes vows to make her retelling of the Nativity at the community centre unforgettable. However, Father Damien has yet to approve the script and seems set on offering the role of narrator to Hillary Nicholson - and the doting matriarch has her patience severely tested when her friends and family keep badgering her for the best parts. Festive edition of the comedy first aired in 2012, written by and starring Brendan O'Carroll.

Cast and crew


Agnes Brown
Brendan O'Carroll
Grandad Brown
Dermot O'Neill
Cathy Brown
Jennifer Gibney
Father Damien
Conor Moloney
Winnie McGoogan
Eilish O'Carroll
Dr Flynn
Derek Reddin
Trevor Brown
Martin Delany
Dermot Brown
Paddy Houlihan
Maria Brown
Fiona O'Carroll
Buster Brady
Danny O'Carroll
Rory Brown
Rory Cowan
Dino Doyle
Gary Hollywood
Mark Brown
Pat `Pepsi' Shields
Betty Brown
Amanda Woods
Emily Regan
Hillary Nicholson
Susie Blake
Sharon McGoogan
Fiona Gibney


Ben Kellett
Stephen McCrum
Brendan O'Carroll