Free Thinking

Free Thinking
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Anderson

The queen of historical fiction, Philippa Gregory, opens her conversation with Rana Mitter in a most regal manner and declines to address the recent argument made by a male novelist that female writers are overly sentimental.

The humour and wit with which she casts this preposterous assertion aside carries on throughout the course of the interview and makes Philippa Gregory one of the most entertaining guests at this year’s Free Thinking festival.

About this programme

Rana Mitter talks to best-selling novelist Philippa Gregory about writing historical fiction and her fascination with the Tudors, recorded at the Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival. Gregory reveals how her approach to characters such as Thomas Cromwell differs from other authors like Hilary Mantel, and why she cannot help interfering with drama scripts of her work.