House of Lies

Series 1 - 12. The Mayan Apocalypse

The Mayan Apocalypse

About this programme

12/12. With the help of Greg Norbert and an impeccably timed intoxicated confession, Marty and the Pod manage to pull off a last-minute reprieve and stop the MetroCapital acquisition. On the home front, Roscoe has to make a difficult decision.

Cast and crew


Marty Kaan
Don Cheadle
Jeannie Van Der Hooven
Kristen Bell
Clyde Oberholt
Ben Schwartz
Doug Guggenheim
Josh Lawson
Monica Talbot
Dawn Olivieri
Roscoe Kaan
Donis Leonard Jr
Jeremiah Kaan
Glynn Turman
Greg Norbert
Greg Germann
Harrison `Skip' Galweather
Richard Schiff
Megalyn Echikunwoke