Series 14 - 154. Rifts & Gifts

About this programme

154/221. Nobody wants to be lonely this Christmas in Letherbridge so Karen attempts to reunite a stubborn old man with his family, and Heston gives Daniel a necessary kick, while Howard has an epiphany. Medical drama, starring Jan Pearson, Owen Brenman and Ian Kelsey.

Cast and crew


Dr Heston Carter
Owen Brenman
Dr Jimmi Clay
Adrian Lewis Morgan
Dr Daniel Granger
Matthew Chambers
Dr Zara Carmichael
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Karen Hollins
Jan Pearson
Dr Emma Reid
Dido Miles
Dr Kevin Tyler
Simon Rivers
Dr Jas Khella
Vineeta Rishi
Dr Al Haskey
Ian Midlane
Howard Bellamy
Ian Kelsey
Gina Willcox
Victoria Pritchard
Sam Reid
Grant Masters
Bob Stannard
Sam Cox
Mary Stannard
Judith Barker
Joe Granger-Carmichael
George Black


Ella Kelly
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd
Olly Perkin