Doctor Who

Series 5 - 13. The Big Bang

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Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

If you’re craving a Saturday-night fix of timey-wimey sci-fi, look no further than The Big Bang, the head-scratching season finale from 2010. The Doctor is sealed in the Pandorica, Amy has been killed by an Auton-centurion duplicate of Rory, River is trapped in an exploding Tardis and, to cap it all, the cosmos collapses… Yet lead writer Steven Moffat demolishes these dramatic dead-ends with bamboozling brio and reboots the universe.

A stone Dalek comes to life in a museum, Amy meets her younger self, the Doctor goofs about with a mop and a fez, and the Ponds at last get spliced – with something simultaneously old, new, borrowed and blue turning up at their wedding.

About this programme

13/13. Part two of two. With the Tardis destroyed and the Doctor gone, there is only one person who can stop the whole universe collapsing - a scared girl who still believes in stars. Finale of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan's first run as the Doctor and Amy Pond, with Alex Kingston returning as River Song.

Cast and crew


The Doctor
Matt Smith
Amy Pond
Karen Gillan
River Song
Alex Kingston
Caitlin Blackwood
Aunt Sharon
Susan Vidler
Frances Ashman
Stone Dalek
Barnaby Edwards
William Pretsell
Mr Pond
Halco Johnston
Karen Westwood


Toby Haynes
Peter Bennett
Steven Moffat