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Review by:
Laurence Joyce

If you know Carlo Collodi’s classic Italian fairy story only from the 1940 animated film, this version will come as a rough and refreshing surprise. Linda Marshall Griffiths’s Pinocchio, made by the same creative team as The Wonderful World of Oz broadcast on Radio 4 in 2009, explores the wickedness and despair that the young puppet faces as he blunders his way towards boyhood, the gruff northern accents and a vicious act of insecticide on an irritating cricket soon banishing any lingering memories of Walt Disney.

Robust children of today (of all ages) will relish the excitement of the puppet theatre, the dark forests, the stomach of the shark and the redemptive blue-haired fairy,all conjured up in Nadia Molinari’s magical production, with an atmospheric musical score by Olly Fox.

About this programme

By Carlo Collodi. Dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths. Childless carpenter Geppetto lovingly creates a puppet child who miraculously comes to life. Naming him Pinocchio, the lonely craftsman adopts the wooden boy as his son, and imagines a bright future together. However, for Pinocchio to understand what it is to be a boy, he must emerge from the safety of the workshop and experience the real world - with all its dangers and temptations. Classic Italian fairy tale, starring Ellis Hollins, Steve Evets, Lee Ingleby and William Ash.

Cast and crew


Ellis Hollins
Steve Evets
Lee Ingleby
William Ash
Blue Fairy
Lyndsey Marshal
Tom Rolinson
Jonathan Keeble


Nadia Molinari
Dramatised By
Linda Marshall Griffiths
Carlo Collodi