Series 27 - 23. Ostrich Syndrome

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

Holby is in the grip of flu, which means the ED is seriously short-staffed (in other words there’s no Zoe this week), there are dozens of extra patients to treat and there’s trolley gridlock in the corridors. Yet, amazingly, young student nurse Robyn still has time to turn detective and find out which of her colleagues is living in a basement stockroom.

Up in the cubicles, two of the victims of a road accident appear to know each other (and this story continues next week), there’s a glimpse of old, campaigning Casualty when Ash rants about NHS budget cuts, and Fletch kisses someone he really, really shouldn’t.

About this programme

23/44. The medics are overwhelmed by the continuing flu outbreak, and with Zoe off sick, Ash and the team are pushed to the brink as they struggle to deal with the crisis. A man's attempt to track down his estranged wife leads to a car crash, but once in the ED he reveals how she might be able to save their son, the boy she abandoned as a baby 10 years ago and who is now fighting leukaemia. Fletch tries to convince Tess he didn't encourage the attention of trainee nurse Aoife. Patrick Robinson, Alex Walkinshaw and Suzanne Packer star.

Cast and crew


Martin `Ash' Ashford
Patrick Robinson
Adrian `Fletch' Fletcher
Alex Walkinshaw
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Aoife O'Reilly
Gemma-Leah Devereux
Robyn Miller
Amanda Henderson
Noel Garcia
Tony Marshall
Charlie Fairhead
Derek Thompson
Tom Kent
Oliver Coleman
Sam Nicholls
Charlotte Salt
Louise Tyler
Azuka Oforka
Big Mac
Charles Dale
Kathleen `Dixie' Dixon
Jane Hazlegrove
Jeff Collier
Matt Bardock
Linda Andrews
Christine Tremarco
Norman Burnton
Adrian Harris
Kate Tilford
Erin Shanagher
David Rolloson
Scot Williams
Tony Osbourne
Sean Knopp
Nathan Rolloson
Lewis Hamilton
Hannah Cotterill
Jill Regan
Nadia Savill
Josie Taylor


Simon Meyers
Executive Producer
Johnathan Young
Series Producer
Nikki Wilson
Anita Pandolfo