Coronation Street

Episode 8062

About this programme

Anna makes a bold move and invites Tim to tea after Faye's social worker tells her she knows about their recent family rows. But how will Owen react? Sylvia suggests that Roy could devise a formula to beat the casino at its own game, and Fiz wants to see Tyrone but is left reeling when he requests a visiting order for Tina instead. Kylie and Max are freezing at No 8 while Gail heads to Sally's for a hot shower, and Jenna wonders how she's going to pay her rent.

Cast and crew


Anna Windass
Debbie Rush
Tim Metcalfe
Joe Duttine
Joanne Riggs
Angela Murray
Owen Armstrong
Ian Puleston-Davies
Fiz Stape
Jennie McAlpine
Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall
Tina McIntyre
Michelle Keegan
Sylvia Goodwin
Stephanie Cole
Roy Cropper
David Neilson
Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
Max Turner
Harry McDermott
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth
Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn


Noreen Kershaw
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Phil Collinson
Joe Turner