Room 101

Series 2 - Episode 7

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Ben Miller may have studied for a doctorate in quantum physics at Cambridge, but the man can’t tie his own shoelaces. Or rather, he can’t tie a bow, so he’s devised his own way of tying them – and consequently makes a bid to have laces themselves condemned for ever to Room 101. It seems drastic, but that’s the nature of the show, and at least Miller’s gripes are idiosyncratic, whereas Bill Turnbull gets cheers from the audience for such regulation bugbears as low-slung jeans and people who hog the middle lane on motorways.

Jo Brand, meanwhile, has it in for high-heeled shoes, which gives the production the excuse to show us a clip of a very bizarre race.

About this programme

7/8. BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull, Death in Paradise star Ben Miller and comedienne Jo Brand compete to have their pet hates banished on the light-hearted panel show chaired by Frank Skinner. Their gripes include middle-lane drivers, personalised number plates, low-slung jeans and homeopathy.

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Frank Skinner
Bill Turnbull
Ben Miller
Jo Brand


Ian Lorimer
Adam Copeland