Waterloo Road

Series 8 - Episode 17

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

With the pregnant Jade almost at full term, the focus of this episode is firmly on babies. The young mum-to-be has made a decision about what she wants for her newborn, but it doesn’t fit in with what Maggie has in mind and it also causes friction among her classmates, who have their own strong views on the subject.

It’s an opportunity for Waterloo Road to say something worthwhile about young mothers and the emotional trauma of giving up a baby, but disappointingly the scriptwriters have gone down a more predictable, soapy route. Meanwhile, back in school, Barry is being suspiciously well behaved and Michael gets a shock over Christine.

About this programme

17/30. Emotions run high when Jade reveals she plans to have her baby adopted, so Maggie suggests she could take on the child instead - much to Grantly's horror. It looks like there's also going to be a new arrival in the Mulgrew household when Connor finds a pregnancy test, prompting him to do the decent thing and tell Imogen he will stick by her - but when she reveals it's not her test, he realises there's only one other person it could belong to. The pupils of the PRU prepare for their presentation. It's their chance to shine, but Sian worries that perpetual trouble-maker Barry Barry will use it as an opportunity for mischief - or worse.

Cast and crew


Jade Fleming
Paige Meade
Jodie `Scout' Allen
Katie McGlynn
Maggie Budgen
Melanie Hill
Kaz Winters
Emmanuel Ighodaro
Sarah Winters
Gaynor Howe
Grantly Budgen
Philip Martin Brown
Rhiannon Salt
Rebecca Craven
Connor Mulgrew
Shane O'Meara
Imogen Stewart
Kirstie Steele
Christine Mulgrew
Laurie Brett
Tom Clarkson
Jason Done
Michael Byrne
Alec Newman
Barry Barry
Carl Au
Sian Diamond
Jaye Jacobs
Nikki Boston
Heather Peace
Lorraine Donnegan
Daniela Denby-Ashe
Kevin Skelton
Tommy Lawrence Knight
Dynasty Barry
Abby Mavers
Harley Taylor
Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Kacey Barry
Brogan Ellis
Sonya Donnegan
Victoria Bush
Lula Tsibi
Marlene Madenge
Jack MacAlister
Taylor Rhys


Jamie Annett
Lizzie Gray
Philip Dodds