One Born Every Minute

Series 4 - Episode 7

One Born Every Minute
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Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Katie is 21 and having her first baby with her partner, Jonathan. She found out she was pregnant after they’d split up, so in a thoroughly modern way she told him the good news via Facebook. Now Jonathan is ready to be the best dad he can possibly be. After the birth of his baby daughter, he is clearly smitten: “I want to save her from everything. As long as she needs me, I’ll be there.”

One Born Every Minute is so good at capturing these little sighs of pure goodness and humanity. Like Nicole’s mum, who holds tight to her daughter as she howls in labour. Mum knows that everyone’s lives will be changed for ever, but she’s fine with that, and the look of complete joy on her face is a picture.

About this programme

7/14. Three more expectant mothers visit Leeds' maternity wards. Katie, 21, and Jonathan, 22, were not together when she found out she was pregnant, but they were reunited 12 weeks later at the first scan, and at that moment Jonathan realised he wanted to be a good father. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Nicole is admitted with a significant bleed, and the midwives race to fill the bath for 30-year-old Jolanta, who has experienced quick labours in the past and wants a water birth for her third baby.

Cast and crew


Sophie Jones
Executive Producer
Peter Moore
Series Director
Emily Smith
Series Producer
Dominique Foster