Mysteries of Lisbon

Series 1 - Episode 1

About this programme

1/6. At a boys' college run by Father Dinis, young orphan Joao obsesses about his parentage. When he suddenly falls ill, his mother visits him by his bedside and gives him a miniature theatre diorama as a gift. It soon becomes clear that she is a noblewoman, who has managed to sneak out of the house where she is kept locked up by her tempestuous husband the Count of Santa Barbara. Raoul Ruiz's acclaimed Portuguese costume drama, based on Camilo Castelo Branco's novel, starring Adriano Luz and Maria Joao Bastos.

Cast and crew


Joao Luis Arrais
Father Dinis
Adriano Luz
Angela de Lima
Maria Joao Bastos
Count of Santa Barbara
Albano Jeronimo


Raoul Ruiz