Holby City

Series 15 - 18. Spence's Choice - Part Two

About this programme

18/52. Part two of two. Michael's decision to report a couple as suspected child abusers comes back to haunt him when the mother, Mandy Fairlock, is admitted to the ward following an arson attack on the family home. Serena becomes professionally compromised when her mother is brought into the hospital, while a complaint puts Elliot's career in jeopardy - will Ollie help or is he still too angry with the professor for hiding the truth about Tara's condition?

Cast and crew


Michael Spence
Hari Dhillon
Sacha Levy
Bob Barrett
Gemma Wilde
Ty Glaser
Chrissie Williams
Tina Hobley
Chantelle Lane
Lauren Drummond
Serena Campbell
Catherine Russell
Ric Griffin
Hugh Quarshie
Oliver Valentine
James Anderson
Tara Lo
Jing Lusi
Elliot Hope
Paul Bradley
Henrik Hanssen
Guy Henry
Jonny Maconie
Michael Thomson
Antoine Malick
Jimmy Akingbola
Arthur Digby
Rob Ostlere
Adrienne McKinnie
Sandra Voe
Hamish Richards
Joshua Dickinson
Mandy Fairlock
Lucy Speed
Terry Monaghan
Martin Herdman
Debbie Marchant
Caroline Paterson
Phil Brownfield
Darren Connolly
Zach Fairlock
Sonny Cozzolino


Nigel Douglas
Anne Edyvean
Martin Jameson