Death in Paradise

Series 2 - Episode 6

Death in Paradise
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

It’s hard to imagine anyone being unkind to detective Richard Poole. But Poole’s ex-boss Doug Anderson (Neil Pearson), the obnoxious husband of a murder victim, is ruthless: “Haven’t you ever wondered why nobody liked you, why you didn’t fit in… Dickie-boy?”

The pair had an unhappy history back in the Met when Poole was bullied and made to look foolish in front of his colleagues. This rotten behaviour still smarts with Poole (Ben Miller) who is determined to prove that Anderson murdered his wife, who was found strangled in her wheelchair in a holiday let. It’s up to sensible Camille (Sara Martins) to persuade her boss to look at other suspects.

About this programme

6/8. An English tourist is strangled in her villa by a killer using the victim's scarf. The crime scene indicates a robbery gone wrong, but DI Poole recalls an almost identical case back in London. He grows even more suspicious when the victim's husband turns out to be crooked former colleague Doug Anderson, a name he had hoped was consigned to the past. But even though he has a watertight alibi and the team move on to further leads, Poole can't shake the notion that his old adversary is somehow involved. Ben Miller stars, with guest appearances from Neil Pearson, Ralf Little and Miller's former Primeval co-stars Hannah Spearritt and James Murray.

Cast and crew


DI Richard Poole
Ben Miller
DS Camille Bordey
Sara Martins
Officer Dwayne Myers
Danny John-Jules
Officer Fidel Best
Gary Carr
Estelle Du Bois
Michele Austin
Will Teague
Ralf Little
Ronnie Stuart
James Murray
Doug Anderson
Neil Pearson
Lily Shaw
Hannah Spearritt
June Anderson
Kim Thomson
Janice Palmer
Matilda Ziegler
Elizabeth Bourgine


Alrick Riley
Tim Key
Colin Blytheway