Series 18 - 27. Love and Loathing

About this programme

27/46. After spending the night with Simon, Lara doesn't have any fresh clothes to wear for work the next day, so turns up in one of her new lover's shirts - a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by Tally, who feels totally dejected by the blossoming romance. A man goes berserk after discovering his daughter has been sexually abused by her grandfather, and Jim tracks Nikki down to the abortion clinic.

Cast and crew


Luke Warren
Matthew Wait
Finlay Newton
Kwame Kwei-Armah
Nikki Marshall
Kelly Harrison
Comfort Jones
Martina Laird
Lara Stone
Christine Stephen-Daly
Simon Kaminski
Christopher Colquhoun
Roxanne Bird
Loo Brealey
Harry Harper
Simon MacCorkindale
Bex Reynolds
Sarah Manners
Tess Bateman
Suzanne Packer
Claire Guildford
Leanne Wilson
Jim Brodie
Maxwell Caulfield
James Redmond
Tally Harper
Holly Davidson
Percy Miles
Sam Kelly
Terry Hollingsworth
Liam Noble
Peter Flint
Tim Faraday
Helen Flint
Rachel Gleaves
Fiona Porier
Joann Condon
Liam Porier
Sion Lloyd
Derrick James
James Gillmoore
Jodie Gwyre
Debbie Korley
Karen Jablon
Leanne Best
Robert Jones
Angus Brown


Nic Phillips
Pippa Brill
Jason Sutton