Brain Doctors

Series 1 - 2. The Decision

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David Butcher

You may end tonight’s programme feeling a knighthood wouldn’t be enough reward for the job that Jay Jayamohan does. The big, bearlike paediatric neurosurgeon is the out-and-out hero of tonight’s programme, which revolves around two sets of parents confronted with the sort of terrible dilemmas no one should ever have to face — and which Jay will have to resolve.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Raj has collapsed and a scan shows he has a haemorrhage. But it soon emerges that this is only masking the real issue – a brain tumour that could end his life within months. An operation to remove it may very well leave the boy paralysed. His parents must decide if it’s worth the risk. For seven-months pregnant Nicola, there’s a different dilemma: a scan has revealed that her unborn baby may have severe disabilities as a result of a problem with his spine. Should she proceed with the pregnancy?

About this programme

2/3. In the neurosurgery department of Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital, a couple must decide whether to let surgeons perform a high-risk procedure on their two-year-old son, who has a brain tumour that will kill him within months if left untreated, and a woman faces a dilemma about her pregnancy after a scan shows her unborn baby has a possible tumour. Nineteen-year-old Jack was born with a serious genetic abnormality, which has resulted in him having 27 operations over the years, and he is back in hospital again as surgeon Jay Jayamohan and his colleagues battle to control a leak of cerebral fluid.

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Executive Producer
Nick O'Dwyer
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Mandy Chang
Series Producer
Monica Garnsey