Series 14 - 133. Sweet Child of Mine

About this programme

133/221. Things become hectic in Letherbridge as DCI Driver's operation comes to an abrupt end, but the question remains whether Andrei already knows about it. Meanwhile, Valerie's feelings are bruised when Mandy tells her she is too needy. Medical drama, starring Elizabeth Rider, Danielle Henry and Sarah Moyle.

Cast and crew


Dr Jas Khella
Vineeta Rishi
Mandy Marquez
Danielle Henry
Chris Reid
Nathan Wright
Mrs Tembe
Lorna Laidlaw
Rob Hollins
Chris Walker
Valerie Pitman
Sarah Moyle
DCI Driver
Elizabeth Rider
DI Terry Wood
Tom Roberts
Andrei Mitkov
Sam Barriscale
Ola Banich
Margarita Nazarenko
Jenica Rakul
Katia Kova
Graham Lindsay
Simon Tcherniak
Neville Goswell
Greg Hobbs


Peter Bullock
Series Producer
Mike Hobson
Series Producer
Peter Eryl Lloyd
Tracey Black

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