Secret State

Series 1 - Episode 3

Secret State
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

For a prime minister who spent his early days in power looking as though he’d rather be anywhere but Downing Street, Tom Dawkins has suddenly developed an impressive backbone. Which he’s going to need now that Iran has alleged his drone strike was an act of war and PetroFex has threatened to move to Poland, causing thousands of UK job losses.

And it seems the Royal Caledonian Bank is as thick as thieves with the American petrochemical company. “This job is like being under the knife 24/7 without anaesthetic,” complains Dawkins as he surveys his enemies –within and without. But that’s preferable to the treatment meted out to his old mate Tony Fossett after he spots something suspicious about the former PM’s plane crash.

About this programme

3/4. After revelations of covert drone-fuel production in Scarrow, Tom Dawkins finds himself at the centre of a political storm. His pursuit of corrupt banker Sir Michael Rix earns him enemies in the financial world and in his own party as Ellis Kane continues to dig into the PM's past and discovers some uncomfortable truths. Fossett begins to investigate the information passed to him by Agnes, unaware of the dangers it will bring. Political thriller, starring Gabriel Byrne.

Cast and crew


Tom Dawkins
Gabriel Byrne
John Hodder
Charles Dance
Paul J Clark
Stephen Dillane
Gen Munnery
Nicholas Farrell
William Hawley
Michael Gould
Felix Durrell
Rupert Graves
Anthony Fossett
Douglas Hodge
Sgt Wrigglesworth
Ralph Ineson
Ros Yelland
Sylvestra Le Touzel
Sir Michael Rix
Anton Lesser
Gina Hayes
Anna Madeley
Ellis Kane
Gina McKee
Agnes Evans
Ruth Negga
Lee Foulds
Jamie Sives
Joss Leyton
Al Weaver
Laura Duchenne
Lia Williams
Carol Molloy
Kika Markham
Nills Jacobson
Russell Kilmister
Ross Boatman
Jitin Mukerjee
Kriss Dosanjh
Speaker of the House of Commons
Martin Chamberlain
Special Ops Major
Mark Noble
MI6 agent
David Prosho
Iranian Foreign Minister
Shiraz Khan


Ed Fraiman
Johann Knobel
Robert Jones