Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen

Radio Times
Review by:
Claire Webb

“God’s made a mistake. I should have been a girl,” Jack Green announced when he was four. On his 16th birthday, Jack became Jackie: the youngest person in the world to undergo full gender reassignment surgery. Two years later, Jackie is determined to be crowned Miss England, and certainly looks the part.

You’d never guess that this gorgeous, gobby young woman with the bright smile suffered years of bullying and has often attempted suicide. But as we follow her unsteady progress down the catwalk, it soon becomes clear how painfully thin that confident façade is, and how swiftly cracks can appear.

About this programme

Documentary following Jackie Green, the world's youngest transsexual, as she tries to win the title of Miss England. Revealing her experiences with bullying, suicide attempts and surgery, she aims to draw attention to the challenges she has overcome to become what she feels is her true self.

Cast and crew


Dan Murdoch
Executive Producer
Alex Cooke
Executive Producer
Harry Lansdown
Dan Murdoch