Home and Away

Episode 5613

Home and Away

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Alf notices Roo and Harvey are being nice to each other, and after stumbling upon them playfully fighting over nothing, realises they really are back on track. Dex denies saying that he wished he were dead, and after a tarot reading realises that although he has a hard journey ahead, there is hope. Elsewhere, after overhearing a conversation between John and Gina, Jett confronts Marilyn in the diner and calls her a marriage wrecker.

Cast and crew


Alf Stewart
Ray Meagher
Roo Stewart
Georgie Parker
Harvey Ryan
Marcus Graham
Dexter Walker
Charles Cottier
John Palmer
Shane Withington
Gina Palmer
Sonia Todd
Jett James
Will McDonald
Marilyn Chambers
Emily Symons


Lucy Addario