Series 1 - 2. The Blind Man of Seville - Part Two

The Blind Man of Seville - Part Two
Radio Times
Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

Piles or pyorrhoea? I still can’t decide what is ailing sour-faced Seville detective Javier Falcón (Marton Csokas), and there are flat scenes where you just want to shout, “Again, please, with feeling!” It’s a shame because the conclusion to this two-part murder case, which brings the threat close to Falcón’s home and family, is otherwise engrossing.

His artist father’s “masterpieces”, The Falcón Nudes – abysmal daubs – reveal their secrets. Fabulous Kerry Fox gets more to chew on as Javier’s sister. Oh, and there’s a bullfight, if you can stomach it.

About this programme

2/4. Part two of two. Falcon becomes convinced Consuelo is innocent and that the guilt lies elsewhere. After receiving a stream of diary excerpts from an anonymous source, the detective uncovers the existence of a cabal devised by his father - which also included the murder victim. Marton Csokas stars.

Cast and crew


Javier Falcon
Marton Csokas
Ines Conde de Tejada
Emilia Fox
Ramon Salgado
Bernard Hill
Jose Luis Ramirez
Charlie Creed-Miles
Manuela Falcon
Kerry Fox
Esteban Calderon
Santiago Cabrera
Consuelo Jimenez
Hayley Atwell