Series 4 - 2. Underwater

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

The Southland cops have a fearsome new captain: “We will be the most proactive patrol in the entire city!” he bellows at his team during morning roll-call. “We kick ass till we smell s***!” Yes, he believes in old-fashioned policework.

It’s another busy day on patrol as stories, sometimes resolved, sometimes not, flit in and out. And we also see another step in the growing-up of cute officer Ben Sherman. Once he was wet behind the ears, now he’s squaring up to tough guys, furious women and very stroppy teenage girls. It doesn’t end well.

About this programme

2/10. Tang and Cooper's physical problems take their toll when they are attacked on the street. Lydia resorts to using some tricks of the trade when she and Ruben investigate a murder in a convenience store, and Joel Rucker joins the team as the new captain. Guest starring Dorian Missick, Marla Gibbs and Carl Lumbly.

Cast and crew


Det Lydia Adams
Regina King
Officer John Cooper
Michael Cudlitz
Det Sammy Bryant
Shawn Hatosy
Officer Ben Sherman
Benjamin McKenzie
Officer Jessica Tang
Lucy Alexis Liu
Cpt Joel Rucker
Carl Lumbly
Det Ruben Robinson
Dorian Missick
Ms Miller
Marla Gibbs