Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Yellow

Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Yellow
Radio Times
Review by:
James Gill

There are many moments in this film charting Bradley Wiggins’s year of glory when you simply can’t understand how he puts his bony frame through it. The hours spent slogging away on a bike machine, the lonely mountain rides on the washed-out roads of Majorca. It’s all so viscerally painful, yet when he finally earns the famous yellow jersey, there’s no triumphant outpouring of emotion. Instead, Wiggins gives an awkward bow, waves the teddy lion that’s bizarrely handed to the winner on the podium, and shuffles off. It’s
a beautifully muted portrait of sporting sacrifice.

About this programme

Documentary following the cyclist during 2012, when he became the first Briton to win the Tour de France, as well as capturing gold in the time-trial at the London Olympic Games.

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