Series 1 - 7. Khyber

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

I don’t think Hunted is ever going to end. It will just go on and on for ever in a parallel universe where it actually makes sense. Back here in our world, people keep kicking each other while more characters who are never explained keep popping up. And everyone in the wretched thing is horrible.

Juliet Aubrey plays one such mysterious stranger, who materialises in a slinky dressing gown. She wants to protect the hunted Sam (I’d forgotten someone wants to kill her, but frankly, I’m past caring). Meanwhile, other people look enigmatic at railway stations, get shot in the head, and in one horrible sequence, are suffocated with a plastic bag.

About this programme

7/8. Jack Turner demands he be awarded the dam contract, revealing he has evidence implicating Byzantium's client in a terrible crime. Aidan presses Sam to revisit childhood memories of her mother's murder and her own kidnapping, in the hope of understanding why the Hourglass conspirators want her dead. Spy thriller, starring Melissa George, Adam Rayner and Patrick Malahide.

Cast and crew


Sam Hunter
Melissa George
Aidan Marsh
Adam Rayner
Rupert Keel
Stephen Dillane
Jack Turner
Patrick Malahide
Deacon Crane
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Zoe Morgan
Morven Christie
Ian Fowkes
Lex Shrapnel
Stephen Turner
Stephen Campbell Moore
Natalie Thorpe
Indira Varma
Hector Stokes
Richard Lintern
Orla Fante
Juliet Aubrey
Rahim Soomro
Aaron Neil
Tom Beard
Dave Ryder
David Sterne
Horst Goebel
Peter Vollebregt
Ben Bailey-Smith
Simran Bains
Manjinder Virk
Edward Turner
Oscar Kennedy
DI Everett
Jonny Phillips
Edward Gillespie
Brian Protheroe
Arathi Menon
Andrew Hayden
James Daffern
Pakistani driver
Ajay Chhabra
Desk officer
Christopher Pizzey
Mrs Sidwa
Souad Faress


Dan Percival
Eliza Mellor
Frank Spotnitz
Amira El-Nemr