Hatfields & McCoys

Series 1 - Episode 4

Hatfields & McCoys
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

More fear and loathing in the backwoods as the epic feud between Appalachian clans burns deeper. It’s probably wrong, technically, to call this a western when it unfolds across the border between two eastern states, but it feels like a proper, dark western, with that sense of a mythic tragedy being played out between men whose faces are carved from saddle leather.

Kevin Costner is quietly superb. And Tom Berenger is loudly superb: when his character Jim mounts an early-morning raid to snatch their archenemy and yells at his house, “Randall McCoy! Your final day has dawned!” it makes you shudder. The whole thing is heavy and bloody and grim, but it sure makes you want to keep watching.

About this programme

4/5. Frank Philips and his posse barge their way into the church to apprehend several Hatfields, for whom he has arrest warrants - and Preacher Garrett's protestations earn him a bloodied lip. Jim Vance visits the mountain hideout of an ailing Anse, who decides that the only option is to send his men out to lay siege to the McCoy homestead - and kill Randall.

Cast and crew


`Devil' Anse Hatfield
Kevin Costner
Randall McCoy
Bill Paxton
Johnse Hatfield
Matt Barr
Jim Vance
Tom Berenger
Judge Hatfield
Powers Boothe
Frank Philips
Andrew Howard
Nancy McCoy
Jena Malone
Levicy Hatfield
Sarah Parish
Roseanna McCoy
Lindsay Pulsipher
Perry Cline
Ronan Vibert
Selkirk McCoy
Joe Absolom
Ellison Mounts
Noel Fisher
Preacher Dyke Garrett
Nick Dunning


Kevin Reynolds
Executive Producer
Nancy Duboc
Executive Producer
Leslie Grief
Executive Producer
Dirk Hoogstra