The Sopranos

Series 1 - 7. Down Neck

Down Neck

About this programme

7/13. AJ is called into the principal's office with his parents when he turns up drunk at the gym, having stolen the church sacramental wine. Tony turns to Dr Melfi for assurance that his son is not doomed, and reminisces about his own childhood. Drama, starring James Gandolfini and Lorraine Bracco.

Cast and crew


Tony Soprano
James Gandolfini
Carmela Soprano
Edie Falco
Dr Jennifer Melfi
Lorraine Bracco
Christopher Moltisanti
Michael Imperioli
Corrado `Uncle Junior' Soprano
Dominic Chianese
Salvatore `Big Pussy' Bonpensiero
Vincent Pastore
Silvio Dante
Steven Van Zandt
Anthony `AJ' Soprano Jr
Robert Iler
Meadow Soprano
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Livia Soprano
Nancy Marchand
Johnny Boy Soprano
Joseph Sivaro
Young Livia Soprano
Laila Robins
Young Junior Soprano
Rocco Sisto
Young Janice Soprano
Madeleine Blue
Young Tony Soprano
Bobby Boriello


Lorraine Senna
Mitchell Burgess
Robin Green