The Mentalist

Series 5 - 3. Not One Red Cent

Not One Red Cent
Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

“This is absurd!” a suspect rages at Patrick Jane. “You can’t play some game with people’s lives!” He’s right about the first part. What he’s witnessing is absurd, one wobbly cog in a plot that, while as watchable as ever, rattles with implausibility. But as for playing games, come off it: that’s Jane’s stock in trade, along with slighting bereaved relatives and behaving like a naughty schoolboy.

These are the things we know Jane will deliver week after week and he doesn’t disappoint. This time we open with his blue Citroën pulling up outside a shoe repair store in Sacramento just at the moment a bank robbery is unfolding across the street.

About this programme

3/22. A bank employee is murdered during a robbery and the CBI attempts to track down the killer. An analysis of surveillance footage from previous heists reveals a likely suspect, but without proof the CBI is forced to let him walk - although Jane surmises that the gang must have been working with an inside man. With the FBI breathing down their necks, the team helps Jane figure out who among the witnesses may have been involved in the crime.

Cast and crew


Patrick Jane
Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon
Robin Tunney
Grace Van Pelt
Amanda Righetti
Wayne Rigsby
Owain Yeoman
Kimball Cho
Tim Kang
Gale Bertram
Michael Gaston
John Hutten
Paul Schulze
Armin Gagnon
Don Stark
Nancy Sterling
Katie Welder
Ernie Wright
Mark Provencher


Chris Long
Executive Producer
Bruno Heller