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Series 35 - 6. Farnborough 1

Farnborough 1
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Jane Rackham

Given that today is Remembrance Sunday, there’s an appropriate venue for the show as Fiona Bruce and the experts set up inside the historic wind tunnels at Farnborough’s former aeronautical research site. Among the treasures brought in for examination and evaluation is a First World War soldier’s letter home in which he describes the Christmas football match that took place between German and British troops in no man’s land during the brief unofficial ceasefire of 1914.

Also causing a great deal of interest are some early designs for a flying machine by Sir George Cayley, the English engineer widely regarded as the father of aeronautics.

About this programme

6/25. Fiona Bruce presents a Remembrance Day edition from Farnborough in north-east Hampshire, a key site of aeronautical research in the 20th century. Items under scrutiny include early designs for a flying machine and a letter written in the trenches during the First World War, whose author claims to have witnessed a Christmas football match between British and German troops. The team also hears the poignant story of a sailor lost during the battle with the Bismarck battleship. First shown in 2012.

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