The Protector

Series 1 - 3. Class


About this programme

3/13. Gloria and Michelle are called in to investigate when an advisor at a prestigious college is found stabbed to death. The case coincides with Gloria's son gaining a high score in a statewide exam, so while witnessing the ruthless ambition that seems prevalent in private education, she finds herself wondering whether it would be right to expose him to such an environment. Ally Walker and Tisha Campbell-Martin star.

Cast and crew


Gloria Sheppard
Ally Walker
Michelle Dulcett
Tisha Campbell-Martin
Lt Felix Valdez
Miguel Ferrer
Davey Sheppard
Chris Payne Gilbert
Ramon `Romeo' Rush
Terrell Tilford
Nick Sheppard
Sage Ryan
Leo Sheppard
Thomas Robinson
Det Buerge
Larry Joe Campbell


Martha Mitchell