Limmy's Show

Series 3 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
Jack Seale

The most blisteringly original sketch show on television – the BBC seems to think it’s too rich for English blood – returns for a third series. Brian Limond, the star, writer and director, goes to places other sketch shows would shy away from even if they knew they were there. Can his unsympathetic showbiz psychic, Raymond Day, top the series two sketch where he told a grieving father he’d switched off his son’s life support a day too early?

What out-of-character monologues will Limond deliver to make you laugh and nag your psyche in equal measure for days afterwards? Gird yourself and find out. Limond is a one-off.

About this programme

1/6. Brian Limond returns with more sketches, skits and animations presenting his very personal take on modern life. TV psychic Raymond Day brings a family together with info from beyond the grave, Jacqueline McCafferty gets competitive at a self-help group and Dee Dee allows his curiosity about a parcel to get the better of him.

Cast and crew


Brian Limond
Kirstin McLean
Alan McHugh
Paul McCole


Brian Limond
Executive Producer
Rab Christie
Jacqui Sinclair
Brian Limond