The Paradise

Series 1 - Episode 8

The Paradise
Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Department store boss Moray cannot help casting covetous glances across the street at his beloved Denise, even though he is betrothed to horrible spoilt brat Katherine. The show’s many devotees will doubtless hope that in this final episode Katherine is garrotted by one of those prissy little chokers she insists on wearing.

But Moray has been ensnared by the toxic minx, leaving Denise to pine prettily in that hideous blue dress. We all know that he is marrying the wrong woman, but preparations for the wedding have transfixed staff at the Paradise, particularly in that flouncy vortex of virtue, ladieswear, where Miss Audrey quivers in anticipation and the girls giggle over wedding veils. But a shadow is cast over the celebrations by one-armed éminence grise Jonas, who has some explaining to do.

By the end of the episode you might shed a pretty tear, but fear not, The Paradise will return.

About this programme

8/8. Denise returns to the department store, where her feelings for Moray become known to Katherine, who makes it clear she is determined her wedding will go ahead. Meanwhile, the groom throws a pre-wedding party for the staff, only to realise where his heart really lies. When the big day finally arrives, can he find the courage when he needs it the most or will the threat of losing the Paradise stop him from following his heart? Joanna Vanderham and Emun Elliott star.

Cast and crew


David Hayman
Finn Burridge
Matthew McNulty
Emun Elliott
Joanna Vanderham
Edmund Lovett
Peter Wight
Ruby Bentall
Stephen Wight
Miss Audrey
Sarah Lancashire
Sonya Cassidy
Katherine Glendenning
Elaine Cassidy
Lord Glendenning
Patrick Malahide
Handsome porter
Kit Alexander


David Drury
Simon Lewis
Bill Gallagher